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Lyceum Hellinidon of Xanthi – Greece is a department of Lyceum Hellinidon of Athens and was founded in 1976. It’s the soul of Xanthi, a rint part of Thrace, Greece. During all these years of its existence it has shown a significant national, cultural and social action.

It’s main goal is the preservation and maintenance of the customs of our popular tradition, history and Greek civilization. As a guard of tradition, it transfers it every year to more than 500 people, its dancers – children and adults.

Lyceum Hellinidon of Xanthi has one of the richest wardrobes in Greece, which consists of genuine arrires and their exact copies and which is continuously being enriched.

Its representational dancing team has participated in the greatest festivals of Greece and abroad where it has achieved many distinctions. It has travelled to France, Germany, Italy, England, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey (Istanbul, Bursa and Kiutahia), Canada (Toronto and Montreal), the USA (Texas) and Australia (Sydney and Cambera).

A special reference should be made to the honors it has obtained during the years:

  • 3rd Panhellenic Award at the competitive festival of Florina, Greece.
  • Participation in the Official Accession of Greece to the European Union of Strasburg, France (1981)
  • We represented Greece in Milan and Varese, Italy and participated in the festival given due to the delegation of the European Presidency to Italy. (2003)
  • 2nd and 3rd Award at the World Competitive Festival in Cleveland, England. (1992)
  • Honoree Group at the International Exhibition in Toronto, Canada which was dedicated to Greece. (1996)
  • It has obtained great distinctions during its two travels to Dallas, while in 1997, the 24th of September, was determined as a day dedicated to the Lyceum Hellinidon of Xanthi and in 1999 it obtained the Gold Key of the City of Dallas, the greatest honor that has ever been done for a cultural group.
  • Award of the Academy of Athens on 29th December 1998 for its manifold action in the frontier Xanthi.